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Serbian Sugar Rush....

Just ate at least 300 free cakes in the famous wrestler-founded patisserie of Pancevo. Ms Dennis, as expected is wowing 'em, and has established a firm Serbian fanbase. They're treating usso right, here, and it's such an illusions of stardom trip. Arf...One i definitely could get used to it. Weather has been vile, of course, sweltering tropical humidity and yecch, bone-chilling dank nights... Cue asthma & arthur-itis world o'pain torment, not helped by the Hotel Tamis' loony ground-level furniture, the fact that their lift has now broken down, and the mega polluted atmosphere (more of which serious topic later- )
...I really did some topranking tourism feats in Belgrade. My feet are reduced to knobs of pulsing meat, but I saw a LOT, including the Tesla Museum, the Orthodox Religion Nuseum, and all manner of weird neatness. Of course, I missed loads, too, as you always do, but if John the Baptist stays on my side, I'll go back next year.
GRRR! seems a lot busier event-wise, than last year, and there's slightly less media attention, due to elections coming up. I've discovered more cool new (to me) creators, and apart from me physical infirmities and tendency to get lost crossing the street, am having a whale of a time.
Haven't been able to tune in the World Service for three days, so have no idea of what's going on in the wider world. What's this about Tony Blair's heart op? Otherwise I gather it's all 'just' the usual Massacre of the Day (sigh-)
Hy Crunchcandy, I woke up at about 4 AM, some nights ago to the sound of The Boosh, all vibrating palms and Electro-poncing. Is this an omen that I get the scrummy Julian as my toyboy? (Be fair, you've got Dylan Moran...)

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