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Strange New Layout...

I don't get it...Come to think of it, I've been wondering for ages why my page background turned from black to dark blue, and can't be changed. back.

Aiiiieee! My chair just collapsed under me! Now I've killed two chairs with my grotesque bulk. Of course I stole this wee 'typist's chair' from work years ago, and it was all old , smelling of buttsweat, and wonky-wheeled even then. They were about to put it on the skip, and I thought waste not, want not, etc.

There was an old lady on TV the other night with ELEPHANTIASIS! I thought you only got that in the jungle. It's 'orrible.

I'm reading WHORES OF MENSA before faffing around with my suitcase some more. It's a good 'un...


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