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Quite alarming scenes, actually, from Parliament Square. Those cops looked to be really enjoying splitting skulls. Not that I have much sympathy for hunt protestors, but the whole thing came as a bit of a surprise to this townie. I didn't think they'd be getting into such a frenzy. The storming of the Chamber was all pretty jawdropping stuff, too. Astonishing.Sirens have been going non-stop all afternoon. I'll have to try and get my courage up to join in with the chaining-self-to-railings, etc, in defence of incapacity benefits. I thought my protesting days were done, but if (Gods forbid-) it comes to it, I'll have to make my feeble lil' loony burden on the State stand...

I know I saw BETTY BLUE when it first came out, and was fairly underwhelmed. I couldn't remember it at all,though, except for when she blew the house up, so watched it on TV last night. What a bloody annoying character...I kept thinking I'd like to stab her with a fork, then she stabbed another character with a fork...Strange that so many people seem to find "Betty' inspirational/sexy. I think Beatrice Dalle looks like a monkey, and the character is totally kill-the-bitch intolerable.

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