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The Wind Doth Blow...

I have been having the most complicated weird dreams. I keep forgetting them, though, because they're just too -full, and too difficult to describe.
No cool stuff at all in LIDL today, just rakes and wrenches and such. Bor-ing. Just as well, of course. I feel like renting DVDS. There are a lot of films out, suddenly, that I need to see. I musn't though, apart from money, I spend far too much time gawking at TV anyway, I haven't seen SHAUN OF THE DEAD yet, though.
I won a poncho on Ebay! A loud stripey 'Mexican' rainbow thing. Ha! people will mock me in the street, of course, but fuck it, they do anyway. Poncho, poncho, I gotta new poncho...Hum
PS: Me no fashion victim; I have always had a serious poncho/cape thing...

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