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BlockBuster Blowout...

The evil bastards are tempting the weak with Ben&jerry's or Haagen-Dasz for £2.49 a pot,with each video rented. I wonder if they have a "UK's Fattest Woman" competition? They have one for men...
I caught up with the delightful AMELIE, and must admit I enjoyed it a lot, although it was perhaps just a smidgin twee and a tiny bit overrated.Evidently it's been denounced as racist, 'cos the Parisians are all white-Well, one was some kind of Arab type... (Admittedly he was retarded...) Got THE MUMMY RETURNS for the weekend...
BUFFY continues to be far more interesting than it has any right to be. I'm certainly pleased that the Xander/Anya nuptuals were scuppered. No way could that relationship turn out well. Just keep saying no, Xander. On the other hand, I think Buffy should get back to her guilty grooving with Spike. He's a bad undead boy, but he really loves 'er. (Awww-)
Thank the gods for the decision to terminate ALLY MCBEAL's dreary existence. I was in the habit of watching it, party to mock, fulminate,and marvel at it's ick-ness, but partly because I actually enjoyed the 'hallucinations' sometimes. It's deteriorated rapidly this season, though, so now there's nothing left, but the sheer emetic obnoxiousness - yet, I still feel compelled to watch, of course, to see just how embarassing it can get...In a few episodes, though, I'll be saved from myself. As a fitting marker of the last-ever episode, they could execute the dreaded Callista Flockhart and stick her head on a pike, or that she doesn't strike again. That would be cool; must contact the network brass...

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