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Brixton Market...

Haven't been round there in a while, and it's fouler than ever. I encountered at least four shouting mad people today, and there were a lot of menacing-looking lurky pocketpicking types leaning against walls, etc. I really felt rather threatened. There was also a lot of wait, wait, waiting for busses, which were more crowded than usual, and there was this obnoxious man bawling non-stop verbal abuse at some woman. (Carribean sexual invective always sounds particularly unpleasant to me. I suppose it's racist to say so, but he had no business invading everyone's earholes with that shit. Who needs it?) Anyway, we were all too scared to object; just another of the little indignities of every urban day.
I ended up buying a small wheelie suitcase at Woolworth's. I don't really want to haul that giant one to Belgrade,especially as nobody's meeting me at the airport, and getting on & off their busses is hard enough...Saw an amazing giant chair in the corner of an Asian housewares emporium; I mean BIG, like a throne, with lots of cheesykitsch wood carving on it. It was gross. I want it badly. (700 squid-)

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