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Fuckin' Ada...

The Russian school siege is inevitably ending in tears, a loon ran amuck in MI5, Bill Clinton seems to have had a heart attack, (If it can happen to the healthiest-looking man on earth, who's next?) and Routemasters continue to fade away. Just another entropic day...
I had to schlep to the mail office with passport, etc, for the third needless time this week, thanks to the antics of our current 'casual' postie. When I got there, there were several other grumblers queueing, including a man who claimed he's seen a postman dumping stuff in the recycle bins. Bum. When I got home from the West End later, there was a weird-looking guy sitting on the lawn out front, eating messily, and a wagonload of post, parcels, etc, marked 'Heman's' (the estate down the road-) blocking the pavement, unattended.
It is also too damn hot.
Saw a real curiosity on The Horror Channel,(that's 330, UK) LEGEND OF THE WITCHES, a rather turgid b&w 'documentary' featuring pale forked folk (we Northern Europeans, even the young and fit, do not generally look our best dancing naked.)cavorting in po-faced fashion around bonfires. Alex Saunders himself seemed to be presiding over some of the rituals. They also showed a lot of exhibits from the recently flood-damaged Witch Museum in Cornwall.

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