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Peevish Grumblings...

Apologies to anyone I should've been in touch with but haven't...
Picked up the PC yet again yesterday. He said there had been 'something wrong' with the modem, but he'd sorted it. I don't know, because now I can't get my mouse and keyboard plugged back in properly.They were OK last time, honest, now the plugs don't seem to fit any more. This is true. I know I am a sad hopeless inept git, but this is really getting me down.
Haven't booked my JAT tickets yet, but will try today. This is madness, etc...
It's also Wotan's checkup day, always a stress extravaganza, and, of course, it's raining, to make the journey that bit more interesting.I'm nearly finished my 3-page colour whinge, which I'm gonna enter in a competition in the faint hope of winning 3000 Euros, (Serbia trip paid for, new PC,maybe some nice cheap flooring...)Hey ho, we must live in hope.

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