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Dancin' Feet...

Passing by a dancewear shop on Drury lane, I saw these special sneakers (around £50...) for dancing in. They fascinated me and i want a pair, despite the fact that I have several pairs of trainers I never wear.(Hate laces; like sandals & slip-ons...) and am an obese old trout who never dances except barefoot, indoors, when on my own-They're just so strange-looking and amusing.WANT!
I am so senile I left my jacket at the City Lit, and was halfway home before I realised I wasn't wearing it. Duhhhhh- I don't imagine anyone will swipe it, anyway, as it's extemely old and ugly. I also fell asleep, as I'd feared, watching a not-too-good episode of LEXX last night. Lyekka was all giant-sized and laying Japan to waste, as you do, while Kai bounded erotically (everything Kai does is erotic-) off to save Xev from the organ harvesters. THEN what happened? Last show next week, , Or is it the week after?

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