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Grubby Cafe Again

God, this place is foul. They give you 90 minutes for a pound, though... I've been brooding a lot about going to GRRR! again. I know I can't, but I WANT WANT WANT to. I wish I had some worthwhile family heirlooms or something to flog. I so fancy a few days in Belgrade seein' the sights, visiting the flea market in Pancevo that I missed last time, gorging on bureks, taking a lot more photos in the terrifying Hotel Tamis...sigh... I watched a daft film, DEMENTIA 13 on the Horror Channel, which turned out to be written and directed by young Francis Coppola. I notice they're doing more commentary, and short films about horror directors, etc. Coming along nicely... I still feel pretty revved up for cartooning, which is good, as I have a lot to do.

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