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Comicons, etc.

I am always thoroughly ambivalent about 'em. I loathe noise,heat, crowds (and fanboy infestation of the more mainstream cons-), stuffy atmosphere, etc., but there are the panels,talks, exhibits and the odd (Capricorn Comics!) bargain. There's also the chance to see people you don't, ordinarily, but it's frustrating for me, as everyone's always busy,and I'm too shy to 'jump in'  or hanging out in bars, which I have neither the money or inclination for, as a rule.

As they go,however, I've always regarded CAPTION as the best (- until they sent me to GRRR!), despite missing the last several years due to my inability to cope with the fact that summer exists. It was certainly pretty awesome this time around. I'm still not enamoured of the venue, although it will be easier to find next time, of course, and the proper visual equipment and assistance (Ian!) are a huge plus. It must be said the building lacks 'soul'  and the workshop room needs sorting out; not enuff space-

 There's so much going on nowadays that you probably do need to stay overnight. I always used to just 'do' the Saturday, as there weren't many events Sunday, in the old days

. My mortal terror of 'my' event detracted from my enjoyment a lot, but once that was survived, I really began to appreciate what a cool con it was even more.

I'm longing to go to GRRR! again, and fantasising about somehow being able to scrape up the cash, although I know it ain't on the cards. I do strongly advise anybody who possibly can find the time and money, to get there, (first weekend in October-) and, if you can, arrange for some extra days to just explore. Serbia  rocks so much, in its weird way. It's a wonderful head trip, and GRRR! is such a mellow con, it really should be savoured before it turns into the new Angouleme or summat.

Apart from anything else, the dreamlike craziness of being feted like a celebrity is so massively strange and fun; microphones stuck in your gob every five minutes, etc. -So mad it's not even scary. cleanskies , you are sooooo gonna knock 'em dead in Pancevo-

I'm still offline at home and in convulsions of surfing-withdrawl. Bummer

Had a very funny dream about 'Mr Sulu' out of STAR TREK last night, and when my money runs out in about 3 minutes, I must go home and draw it.


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