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Unknown Uncle , RIP...

My uncle Howard in Australia has died. I've had to listen to my mother weeping and wailing down the phone, which is Not Fun. I actually wish I could comfort her in some way, but there's nothing anyone can do, of course. I feel quite sad myself, although I never had any contact with him at all. He seems to have been a surprisingly jolly old boy, and I rather wish I could have known him. What a very strange family I have.
It's quite cool this morning, which is lovely, although it would be nice if there's some sun for the CAPTION frolics tomorrow. I see we're not 'on' until Sunday, which means I'll actually have to attend Sunday. I was going back home early Saturday evening with the intention of maybe/maybe not returning for Sunday. Oh well. nothing to do but roll with it. There certainly are some interesting-looking events planned.
Got my last freebie DVD, which was ROAD TO PERDITION; pretty good, apart from having to look at Tom Hanks for two hours. Strange how you can take so strongly for or against people, just from their faces. I have always wanted to punch Tom Hanks.I don't care how good an actor he is (not particularly, in my opinion-) or what a fine human being he may be. His face irritates me enormously.
I continue to be addicted to the bizarre EXTREME MAKEOVER. Last night they actually 'did' a couple, who were separated for eight weeks, given extensive cosmetic surgery, dental work, etc. and not allowed to see each other again until their grotesque wedding at Disneyland (Bride delivered in Cinderella's coach, etc.) Jawdroppingly compulsive. I can't deny that I'd jump at the chance to be reconstructed myself, of course.

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