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Greasy Greetings...

From the stifling PC repair shop, where I've just dumped my dead dinosaur. God knows what it's gonna cost in the end. I deeply resent putting more (nonexistent-) money into that cranky old wreck, but I sure can't buy a new one. Hey ho...
Anybody got a Microsoft Office CD they could lend or duplicate for me? (whinge, wheedle...) I'm gonna lose everything I had installed.
Boy, everyone seems to be having such a bad, sad, stressful time at present. My uncle (I've never met him-) is dying in Australia, and I actually feel sorry for my mother. Nothing I can do to help, of course, but it's a miserable bloody thing, even when you've 'had a good life'.
Ah well, money's running out, just wanted to say thanks to those who have suggested helpful URLS, etc. I'm far too addicted not to try and get online every day to check out LJ, emails, etc.

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