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Sunday Morning Moan

The shops on Wandsworth Rd are closed, so I took another load of laundry up, (this one for a 'service'; great indulgence!) and carried on to Trafalgar Square for internet access.Actually,it's coolish and cleanish in here,so that's a boon.

Must make note of my favourite Nadia-ism,before BB5 fades from my consciousness...

When they were making 'wedding'outfits,she examined her robust charms,gave her characteristic peacock cry, and shrieked  "Aye look like a WHALE!...A whale on walkeeng laigs!". Bless.

Wimped out of a visit with  helenraven  and minitrog  yesterday,much to my own annoyance and shame, I was just too fucked  up after my feeble efforts at  getting myself and the place sorted for CAPTION, but I did get some bits done, at least. Absolutely everything is such a ridiculous effort for me in this weather. BTW, helenraven, if you do reconsider about the Yangtze gorges cruise (I know I'd go for it,in your place-) check out 

Itlooks like the only way to get my pc going again is to do the whole re-intal dance, which I am not fit to attempt. The guy in the shop estimated  "about £50", and I may have to pile it on to my ever-increasing unpayable credit card debt. Even before the Trojan Horse thing,there were all sorts of problems....OY!


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