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Slimy Weather...

Even the screaming Carribean barbershop men seem a bit subdued. I feel sick as a pig, myself. I've got a hideous but comfy bristlehead, now. Must try and get the strength to slap some bleach on it. (A concession to 'girlie'-dom?)
I just found several LJ 'comments' from like, a month or so ago, in my Hotmail box. Odd...
This humidity is no joke. Ohhhh, gonna croak if it doesn't go away.
BB5 Musing time...Cruel editing dept. Much as Jason was my most loathed housemate from day one, I think it's a bit mean that he's the only one to have been shown to the world hiding under the duvet obviously having a J Arthur. I mean 12 people, mostly in their 20's, banged up without partners for nearly three months? They must all have indulged, now and then. They've just picked on Jason to make him look even more of a bozo, which is rather unfair. So there. (But isn't he a dickhead?)
I saw the new HEAT, with exclusive pics of Nadia as a man, but I heroically managed to resist. (which means probably buying it tomorrow-) I know I'll end up buying the official souvenir mega-edition. I always do... I didn't realise until yesterday that she showers in her spike-heeled mules. Brilliant! Nadia 2 win!

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