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Bloody Nora!

Both lifts broken; couldn't face going down & crawling up 15 floors, so never went out! Missed the Saturday papers magazines, etc. Feck.
It's sweltering, of course.
Watched YOUNG ADAM, a glum sort of thing, but quite involving, somehow. I'd be curious to read the book, which I don't know.

Bit of a surprise on BB5 The dreadful Michelle was voted out, not beefcake bore Jason. She appeared to take it rather well, actually; didn't cling shrieking to young Stu, or anything...But, she'll -be- waait-ing....Thought it was rather interesting when his RL pals appeared with a message for him, on the plasma screen. He looked so totally relieved; utterly ecstatic, really.
I do hope plucky Nadia wins.She might enjoy the whole Z-list experience, and she'll be able to afford some discreet top-quality surgery on that 'wotta giveaway' jaw. Michelle can always haul her baps out, sell her lurve story, etc. Shell and Stu are obviously not poor kids anyway, and Dan as well,I have a feeling, is not exactly impoverished. In any event, he has often declared that winning would damage his cred.(Although I doubt if he'd actually decline the lolly-)

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