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Just Can't Cope...

I haven't even been outdoors; it's too unbearable. I feel sooo utterly fucking ill, and there's probably a week or more of this to come. Gah. Pfffft...
Watched DEATHWATCH while unable to sleep last night, and it's rather good. No plot to speak of, though;(War IS Hell- Bunch of WW1 soldiers banged up in an 'empty' German trench complex go nuts and kill each other.) There's also rather too much loud 'epic' music, and it's one of those very dark films where you're not entirely sure what you're seeing a lot of the time. Horribly convincing creepy atmosphere, though, and solid acting. (Andy 'Gollum' Serkis really gives good Mental-and-Menacing.)

...Just discovered this 'horror' URL. (I think the've got 'Beavis' writing their reviews.)

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