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Utterly Vile...

Genuine HEAT is here. Profoundly agonising. At least it's not full blast sun...

My DVD freebie today is the delightfully nasty RIPLEY'S GAME. I had my doubts about Mr. Malkovich; I don't envision  'my' Ripley as looking like him. As it goes,though, he was superb...  'KS', this is one for you, I think, in the unlikely event you haven't already seen it. 


LJ keeps doing weird things with my posts, the last few days, and Google has been conking out completely. Eeek! Makes me feel quite panicked! (Sad, sad, sad...)

I see HPA Chaiman Sir William Stewart, whoever he may be, has decreed that BIG BROTHER and the unfortunate Sven Goran Erikkson  are responsible for the latest rise in STDS amongst the yoof of today. Arf.

Actually, it's taken five years for anyone to actually do the deed on BB, and that's still debatable. I should have thought they were a fine example of Anglo-Saxon Judaeo-Christian tight-arssedness for the young 'uns...

Speaking of the  fornicating housemates, it is, of course, partly clever editing, but those closeups of Michelle's blank-eyed plateface as she obsessively stares at the wretched  Chicken Stu  are truly the stuff of nightmares. Ahhh! The eyebrows, the eyebrows!


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