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Rather Fun... This is the link to that film memme if anyone fancies it. Dunno what happened before... I had seen 93 out of 100, anyway, for what it's worth. Just watched YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT yet again, partly because I'm such a masochist, I suppose, and partly just to check if it's real, and I didn't hallucinate it. It is probably the most obnoxious, intelligence-insulting programme EVER,.. As for that skull-faced, sanctimonious, patronising witch, is she supposed to be a 'role model' for all these porky chavs with the 'bad poo' and corrugated tongues? And that snide 'narration'- Fuckin' obscene... Had annoying exchanges in the Mind Shop AGAIN. I've already done a strip about last week's. 'Why is everybody always pickin' on me?' A really putrid-looking tramp has taken up sleeping on the lawn outside my building. Charmant...

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