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Gnyahhh! Summer!

I suppose we'll be stuck with this for weeks, now, the hottest and muggiest reserved for CAPTION,of course. Oh well, those of you who like this kind of thing can be happy now. (Makes face and gesture like Michael Winner in that TV ad where he's dressed as a witch, and stumps off.)I dropped into Alders, where I haven't been since before their refit last year, and had a desultory browse. Who actually regularly buys stuff in these places? Even on sale, almost everything there can be had much cheaper elsewhere. The clothes, in prticular, are absolutey chronic, (and most of them aren't intended for '-big-' people, ayway...)
I finally caught up with TOUCHING THE VOID, and managed to get through it without swooning, although I think on the big screen, all the 'orrible falling shots,etc might indeed have been a bit much for me. Amazing stuff, though, triumph of the will to survive, etc. I never will understand what makes peeps want to do things like climbing mountains, anyway, though. Damned foolishness. 'Fap'-

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