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Sweatin' Oldie...

GOD, it's humid. I went along to the newish Riflemaker Gallery (79 Beak St) To see I Will Save Your Life, a small show of Christopher Bucklow's works based on Blake, and a few engravings by The Man Himself. I'm afraid it didn't do that much for me, but the space is very nice.

I mooched around what's left of Carnaby Street. Jeez! It always was grim, even in the early '70's, but a kind of entertainingly sleazy grim. Now it's just nothing. Then I shuffled around Hamley's, no doubt looking like a shoplifter, with sweat dripping down my neck. Barbie dolls and their accoutrements are sooooooo very hideous. I didn't realise they had a kind of 'old man' one, though, with peculiar chinchilla-esque hair.Odd. Midge has ended up a heavily pregnant Stepford Wife, and the black and wheelchair-using 'pals' seem to have done the decent thing and quietly died...
Last stop was the Mind Shop, where I had to crawl around two hags in deep conversation, while I trawled for more £5 ponchos,etc, unproductively. One granny suddenly bust forth with 'I often see THIS lady (Me, alas-) in nice clothes. My friend, she's - big - she always says I wish I could find clothes like THAT lady'...Grinding what teeth I have left politely, I said that well, I get some stuff from the States, and often get kaftans and such at Brixton Market, or from catalogues and trift shops, just like real people...'Ohhhh! From America! are you related to that - big - American lady down by Clapham Common? She dresses well...' I don't think so', I purred, possibly a bit over-smoothly, as she added 'I don't mean to be rude or nuffink-.' 'Oh that's OK,' (I'm fucking well used to it-), I reassured her,while longing to smite her with a wet fish and perform the BB5-Marco 'mocking dance of disrespect' as she lay before me twitching and gibbering, but there you go. I just sloped off home.
Re: the BB5 coitus extravaganza... Some bookies have evidently paid out, but from the 'coded' girlie gigglefest later, I gathered that 'only' oral had been performed. If that counts, then they should have paid out for Jade and PJ's fumble, surely. I must say I was rather taken aback by the lingering closeup of little Stu's frighteningly abundant arse hair, the other night... I say Ewwwww,no need for that, surely... bursting out from his pants, which looked like a split horsehair mattress.

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