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Latest Essential Item...

I have decided that I seriously need a pair of those fancy MBT sandals before they get TOO popular.Hey, it's for my health. If any benefactor-types are interested, that's size 7, in black. Ta.

My health is feeling compromised this morning, due to an overdose of champagne, Calvados and ultra-fatty snacks; meat included, in company of helenraven  who is celebrating the completion of her latest opus and having a week off the dayjob. (Thanks again for the Calvados, Babe, that really will get me through quite a few 'listen-to-Mother' Sunday evenings painlessly...and did you get your 'fritita' quiche thingie in the end? I only found one congealing in the oven this morning, and was too pissed to know what-all I put in the bag last night...) This week I have discovered the horror that is Fox News for the first time, and it's hideously fascinating. The most rightwing ugly-American scuzz you can conceive of, blatantly declaring itself to be quite unbiased, of course, with blank-eyed plastic presenters whose lips barely move. One of them went off into a riff about the 'raunchy' aspects of SHREK 2 in the course of an item about something else altogether. He'd taken his kids, and been shocked at all the 'inappropriate' jokes about 'passing gas' etc. I would have thought that one of was kid-humour's most beloved topics...


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