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God's Punishment...

For my unashamed penchant for THE MIGHTY BOOSH seems to consist of my being smote by an endless IJ loop of one of their songs...

"We are the mutant race.  Don't look at my eyes, don't look at my face..."

Oh well, it beats INSANIA.  I still maintain 'Howard' is cute, too. I always was a hopeless sucker for blokes with nice voices. FUNNY blokes with nice voices,oh purr... BTW, On the BBC3 pages, there are a lot of neat downloads of the Orange Blobs. My PC is so krank I can't play with that sort of thing any more, but if you can, I recommend them.

 I went to the BM, where  I started sweating cobs immediately upon entering the building, as usual. I'm not afraid of the BM,so why?... Perhaps they maintain a  high humidity level to keep exhibits from cumbling. Morbidly obese old melted menopausals are, of course, totally expendable.

I went to see the exhibit of Alexander Walker's collection. ( Room 90, and 'Lift Not Working!'.Uh!). He must have been a funny old soul, living in an incywincy flat with all these Picassos and things hanging in the bog.

I enjoyed it. He had some smashing little Miros. I also liked the work of Keith  Vaughn (1912-1977), who I hadn't been familiar with. He was, of course,a depressive, who eventually topped himself.

I went to GOSH, afterwards, and crawled into the basement to get LOVE AND ROCKETS. On the way up, a young woman suddenly bounded down the dreaded spiral staircase, and forced me to creep backwards and off it , nearly sprawling flat on my back in the process. Sigh...

At Vauxhall, I noticed a most unusual BIG ISSUE vendor weaving through the cars, as they do, at the traffic lights. She was at least my age, older, maybe, and tall, with dangly earrings. She was rather 'actressy', a Sheila Hancock type. She may have been a tranny, actually,  as she wore that very careful elaborate maquillage that few natural-born women could be arsed with. In any event, what had happened to this person? There was a definite air of poshness there. I felt ashamed of wallowing in depression all the time, when  I at least have a flaking roof over my head, food and telly. I wanted to speak to her, too, but it wasn't possible. Well,good luck to her.


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