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Weird Wind Blowin'...

It's really getting peculiar out there, now. Very blustery despite icky humidity, with huge gusts whirling eddies of leaves in through opening bus doors, etc. ENO is all set up for the free outdoor BOHEME tonight. I kinda hope the full tempest holds off until it's over. Seems such a shame to disappoint all those people. (See, I'm not that evil...)
I went over to Tate Modern, where there was huge queue for the Edward Hopper exhibit. I wouldn't pay to see that if I had money...Not that I dislike Hopper at all, he just doesn't interest me that passionately.
I liked the little exhibit of portrait heads, though;quite informative, too. A bunch of bored schoolkids suddenly became very enthusiastic when they got to Bruce Naumann's video piece, Good Boy/Bad Boy...It consists of two screens. Each one shows an actor uttering a series of phrases with increasing aggressiveness; stuff like 'I have sex!', 'I shit!', 'I piss!' and such. The kids were loving it, gesturing to their friends across the hall to come and check it out, etc. Chortle. Little sods...
I was glad to see Louise Bourgeois' giant spider Maman is back, as I missed it the last time. Me like.
I managed, inspired by flying dream I had last night,to brave the scarily 'open'-looking Millennium Bridge for the first time.I stuck to the middle, pretty much, but I managed to get across without collapsing into a wailing foetal heap and having to be rescued.The views really are spectacular and I felt idiotically proud of myself. I was also sorely tempted to get on the boat back to Vauxhall Bridge, but financial prudence won out, for once.
The sky looks pretty weird. I'm interested to see what will happen.

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