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Bloody Shirley Porter...

The evil old trout should be banged up! Nasty!...She lives in luxury abroad, depite coughing up about a quarter of what she owed. How many wretched deserving-poor types stayed homeless because of her greedy scams?
Quite a good piece on the ever-intriguing Christopher Walken in one of the broadsheet magazines yesterday...I'm sure it was The Times mag, but I can't find it online, now...
More stationery at silly prices at LIDL; oh, the ecstasy. They've been selling Kinder Surprise, really cheap too,HV, if you actualy have one out your way. And yes, (re: sexual awakening via Yul Brynner-) I remember all sorts of childhood stuff really vividly... Of course, you never know how accurate these memories are. Masturbation, though, crumbs! I didn't know such a thing existed until I was about 14!

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