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Milk Bath!

I had about 10 cartons of UHT milk I'd stupidly not used, dating back to like 2002 use-by. I tried, but no mater how you shook 'em, the stuff was all curdy, and though not exactly 'off', kind of unsound-tasting. I hated to just dump it all,though, so I thought I'd try squirting it into the bath. It wasn't half bad, actually. My skin feels kinda nice. I do smell like rice pudding, though...

Marlon Brando, dead? That doesn't seem right. I guess his life had been pretty grim in recent years, though, so he's probably well out of it. Oy! What's it all about? etc.

The kitchen is suddenly full of gnats. Why?

They're playing this really crap hit song declaring 'roses smell like poopoo.' Is this for real?

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