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Oh, Great...

Your soul is DARK. You aren't too happy with your
life, though you may feel you should be. You're
probably solitary, pessimistic, brooding,
possibly nocturnal, but mostly a general
unknown. You might have a hidden liking for
pain and destruction, but you're probably more
masochistic that sadistic if that's true. (look
it up if you don't know what they mean!) Those
that think they know you tend to place you
closer to evil on a scale of good and evil,
which might not be true. What people see may
not be who you actually are. Some people fear
you and others mock you. What isn't really
known, though, is that you're not pure evil.
You're just a mysterious, misunderstood - and
sadly, forsaken - soul.

What Is Your Soul's Trait?
brought to you by Quizilla

I AM going to the V&A today, although I don't want to. There's always the cast court, which I haven't visted in some time...
That LITTLE LADY FAUNTLEROY documentary on Ch4 last night was, as advertised, pretty rum. The Harries family seems peculiar even by my standards and experience, but why send loon Keith Allen to interview loons? Does he have any qualifications as a journalist-type? And what was all that about his sex problems?
Stupid media query...Those NHS anti-smoking adverts...Are they 'real people' or actors? Is the little girl who cries 'cos her dad 'looks weird, now', the daughter of the 'white little stick' bloke? The woman with the oxygen canister really is scary, and convincing.

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