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Justice Done!

In BOLLYWOOD STAR , anyway; charismatically loveable and plucky 24-stoner Rupak won! The charming but concieited boy was left sitting stunned  with his mouth open, the sweet, skinny white girl smiled bravely and admitted the best candidate had won, and the snootybitchy one got sent home early. It was totally satisfying happy-dance stuff.

As for BIG BROTHER, Ahmed's crookedy tooth is getting on my nerves...Does that mean that in the fermenting depths of my psyche I really desire Naked Jacuzzi jiggyjiggy with the too-quiet one? 

EASTENDERS Dept. The tumbling tower disaster has rather unimpressively taken place, but where were the Ferrerras (sp?) Surely the whole thing was about culling them? I know Spencer survives, alas. So, all that just to terminate Lynne's pregnancy ? ...BTW, why has Lynne been on crutches for some time? I obviously missed something along the line.

Weird ol' weather, and perfect for cartooning. I hope to get some done.

And here's an interesting item from this morning's Guardian . I'd like to have a look at this stuff.,11710,1245301,00.html


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