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Don't All Rush...

I've tried Ebay etc. just thought I'd mention it...Does anybody fancy a Sharp FontWriter personal word processor and (battered) instruction booklet? Cost me £120 or so nearly-new about 6 years ago. It was hardly used, as I went into a demented frenzy and got this PC a few months later.
I don't delude myself about getting enough for budget airfare to Eastern Europe, or anything much, moneywise, but the fact that this quite functional item is being wasted peeves me.
I've been tidying up the flat, and despairing at the cruddy clutter in which I fester. It would be so lovely to have a great BIG room just for storage and will- come-in -handy- sometime junk; (and a washer-drier an' big fridge freezer, and...)

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