Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Maritime Museum Event

Before collapsing into a greasy mountain of flesh in my broken-down rocking chair to swill vanilla coke and await BIG BROTHER (Death to Michelle, Death to Michelle...)I just thought I'd mention that the flabberghastingly still-alive and enthusiastic Paul Gravett is interviewing Benoit Peeters, the biographer of Herge'among other interesting things. (I always forget how to type umlauts,accents and things...) at the National Maritime Museum tomorrow at 2. If you live in the area, or fancy a jaunt on the very scenic Docklands Light Railway, despite the frelling heat and humidity , it promises to be another good one in what has really been quite a week of excellent events. Yup, free, too, and you can also take in the TINTIN AT SEA exhibition... If you see someone who looks a lot like Bianca Castafiore only balder, sweatier, shabbier and beetling along with a stick, that'll be me, if I get a sudden surge of energy. (Most likely I'll be right here watching DON GIOVANNI on telly, though.)

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