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Or Morosely Frenzied...

A lethal combination. Forcing myself to confront  my phobias never seems to work for me. I simply cannot bear to be in crowds of yakking people; even when they are virtually all people I would like to yak with on individual, or very small group basis. Sigh......

 I don't know if this is just some kind of new variation on my usual panic attacks, but  I keep getting this very weird 'head-swimming' sensation to the extent that I'm terrified of falling over. (epilepsy,brain tumour?....etc.)

Anywayyyyy, two talks yesterday; fraught journey -I had gone back to retrieve stuff I was then too shy to pass on to the intended person for fear of pointlessly hassling him ( !) , became involved in an 'incident' (attack on bus driver) -related traffic jam, then as I limped towards the IF, my calf muscle did one of those rubber-band snaps that are always good for a few days of extra discomfort...I didn't actually miss anything as one of the speakers was delayed, too... Nice panel presided over by andypop  about new developments in 'graphic novel' publishing and distribution. Must say I'm curious about Tony Bennett's observation that libraries are attracting young people to regular comic reading, though; both my locals have the usual worn-transparent DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, a few STAR TREK and BUFFY spinoffs, and that's about it. Whenever I try to get anything ordered in, it just never happens.

The evening presentation in the cinema involved  Posy and Berberian (of Dupuy and-) discussing their methods, and drawing  'live'. It seemed strangely dreary, like they weren't very keen on 'performing' at that particular moment . This might well have been due to my own devout wish to be elsewhere before a chair constriction -induced bloodclot struck me down. No way could I sit through BLUEBERRY in that condition, so another opportunity for a good freebie missed... I fell into a total coma just around midnight, and zonked out until about seven, which made no dent in the great lead blanket of exhaustion that smothers me now, as I prepare to attend the DRAWING DREAMS (yeh!) talk with Sasha, Andrzej Klimowski and the admirable David B. There was another 'Live Drawing' session earlier this afternoon, but again, it's just absurd sitting in that kind of discomfort for that long. I haven't managed to get any decent sketches, even, although I've been very favourably impressed by just about everything. ' C'est la vie, say the old folks...'


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