Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Oh Whinnnnge!

I know it's not as hot as it was, but it's still much, much too hot and humid for ME, OK? I feel quite alarmingly strange, as a matter of fact, and somehow have to get through Sunday afore complete neurasthenic meltdown. Interesting talk last night at the ICA ('Family Secrets'). David B. seems a nice, sensitive bloke, as well as a brilliant cartoonist, and despite slight hearing/language trouble, I was quite moved by his musings on his family, and how they dealt with their incarnation in comic form.
Had perforce to hang around for what seemed like an eternity of melon-hood while proper, famous, making-a-living type cartoonists held forth loudly amogst themselves. Had a fair old asthma attack, but at least didn't do it in the auditorium. Ohhyah! I just don't have the stamina...
Took Sasha for a trawl around the junk shops of Clapham Junction and environs this morning, said hello to the giant ginger pet shop cat who was comatose on a big sack of dog food, and met a woman from a City Lit writing group I was in a year or so ago. We renewed vows to meet for coffee.

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