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Still Here...

...but the tremulous condition of the PC is maddening. I don't understand why the keyboard no work proper, I don't understand why I keep getting messages about my full C drive, but the disc cleaner thingy doesn't work,when I try to clear it. I don't understand nuffink. (Stamps swollen foot petulantly.)
I'm chronic-fatigue-syndromed to the max, and the whole ComICA circus hasn't even started,for me, yet. I really don't comprehend how the unnaturally chirpy Mr Gravett is still standing.It must be gratifying for him, though,to see everything going so well, good turnouts, etc. He's done an astonishing job getting this thing rolling.
Sasha arives this afternoon, and they're sending a car to collect him at Heathrow. Good one!
I'm trying to muster the strength to tidy up this squalid dump, then I'm gonna watch the last-ever ANGEL, taped last night.
Poor old Ahmed looks like being the first voted-out BIG BROTHER housemate.I kind of identified with him, of course; sort of shuffling around on the fringes , eternally bemused. Death to Michelle. The Angela Rippon eyebrows are reason enough.
I'm also hooked on BOLLYWOOD STAR...Two reality-show addictions at the same time is realy seriously unhealthy. How could they have dumped Usha? The Fat Girl is still in there undulating, though. Yes!

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