December 5th, 2021


Moaning, Groaning, Grumping...

After all the exertion of getting a GUARDIAN yesterday, I went downstairs at !:00 . (It was that bit too dank and drizzly for the park...) to find they didn't have ANY papers at all. 'They have no drivers, these days'... So, I now have the hump. The most tiny pleasures are denied me, etc, etc... I really didn't want to hobble in the on/off rain, or get on a crowded bus, to go a mile in either direction to try at the big shops, so I've lost the money I pay for my subscription tickets again. Feck
Nothing much on TV. I've been watching MILLENNIUM on BBC4 Saturdays. Sure beats MONTALBANO, at least. Lisbeth Salander is one tuff cookie.
I'm still unable to sort out the mess I've made just trying to register for bloody I have to sort it all somehow, but dunno how.
Watched another of Talking Pictures' ancient flicks. DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS. whih I remember seeing at school. At the end of term, they'd set up  a projector and show up somes some 'wholesome' feature or other. It was dull, but at the time, we thought it was great.('Whoa! Didja see that guy get squished by the iceberg?') BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW/SATAN's SKIN was also one, and somehow I'd never seen it. It actually wasn't that bad, despite the dopiest-looking demon ever, in some kind of plastic gorilla mask.
SUCCESSION continues mesmerising, and seems to be building up to something catastrophic. I'm loving the Monica Lewinsky saga, too. Great performances. I've started watching the new DEXTER. OK, but I'm not expecting much of it.
Hey, Hey, It's Krampus time!