September 22nd, 2021



Officially 'Autumn', but still too warm for me. Nice enough day, though, and the squirrels, right on cue, seem to be celebrating; lots of chase games, and  great eagerness for nuts. Time to stock up.
Humanity, alas, seems to be getting more unpleasant by the day, especially on buses. This seems to have increased, since the pandemic. I was accosted out of nowhere, by another standee (yes, they're crowded again...) whose babbled patois I couldn't even understand, apart from a few swears, and his mysterious final threat...I never saw him before, and didn't do nuffink. *Sigh*.
Saw a very entertaining study of self-portraiture on BBC4 (should be on iPlayer), EGO. Recommended.
Saw at item about the Artesian Well and the Tea Rooms des Artistes/Lost Society buildings. Another bar seems to be planned for the Well, and (seethes-) demolition of the Tea Rooms, to be replaced by flats! I was certain it was a listed building. It may look a bit sad, especially after several empty years, but I believe that some of the interior is 16th century. It has loads of history attached, dammit. Oh well, it doesn't seem to be definite yet...I know the buildings can't just be left to rot, but I'd love to see them restored respectfully, to house something pleasant and accessible to locals, especially us old Bohos.