September 20th, 2021


Tomorrow Belongs To Them...

Was buzzed FOUR times today, by yoofs on bloody scooters, then a speeding bike zipped past me in the feckin' park.
They crowd into the dirty lift with no masks on.
They ain't got no culture. I'm increasingly hating and fearing young people. At the same time, I feel sorry for them, as their lives promise to be so bleak, even by my standards.
I still haven't been to a museum since they re-opened. I hate the lack of spontaneity, having to book ahead. Of course, the shows will be less crowded than usual, so that's a plus... I can't print out tickets, either, though, what a bore. I do want to see the Paul Rego show, though, and that New Painting one at the Hayward.
My innards still ache from all the bile-boaking I did yesterday. Meh.
R Next Door is annoyed with me because I still say hello to her enemies in the park, and pet 'dangerous dogs'. She's also low because this bloke she has a crush on ( Or was he actually her 'boyfriend'?) has moved to Norway, because Brexit.
Have been watching a series about the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wow, the interior looks so different now, all 'modern', and rather bland to my mind. I liked it better when museums were darkish and a bit spooky.