September 15th, 2021


Feckin' Fatigue...

Skipped exercise again...By the time I'd been to St Thomas' (nearby!) for blood tests and knee X-rays, stopped off at Coffee Lovers and walked on home, I just felt too exhausted. Jeez Louise! Once again, I didn't even get up until about 7:45. No flamin' excuse...
Very few people seem to be posting on LJ or FB these days. I guess I have to take into account that many of them have actual lives, but it seems odd.
Half listened to a really worrying disussion on R4 this morning about Covid, and how bad it might get. It seems to m that around 100 deaths daily in the UK isn't too good, yet people continue to carry on as if the pandemic was well over. Every time I use the bus, it seems fewer people are masked. I wouldn't descend into the always-hellish Underground at present if you paid me.
Incidentally, at the hospital, decided to walk downstairs with my trolley, as the lifts are always so busy, and I didn't want to take up extra space. So I was bump-bump-bumping down, as I have to hold on to the rail, in case my knee gives out. when a nursing assistant stopped and insisted on helping. She picked it up in both hands, and with no balance problems, skipped down the stairs. Mortification, that's the name of the game, when you're old and wobbly.
Watched yet another documentary about the Wests, and the possiblity they had many more victims.