September 12th, 2021


A Mad World...

It's been an extra-odd week. I've been suffering from that nasty 'something BAD's gonna happen.' feeling, like my mad mother. (*Sigh* You really do turn into your parents, it seems-) I suppose the 9/11 anniversary hasn't helped, either. It's just soo gloomy.
Strange behaviour is really on the rise in the dog park. I've noticed the 'naughty' dogs being more and more rowdy, but I didn't witness the actual incidents. (Just as well. I probably would have swooned!)...Lily the dawg was suddenly attacked by Sally, who charged across the lawn give her a nasty (and huge vet bill-providing-) chomp. R Next Door seldom even goes to the park these days, but due to her own bad foot, she's been spending a bit more time in there, of late. Bad bloody luck. So, there's been a whole dog-owner donnybrook going on, with the 'dogs will be dogs' crowd V R and her allies (including me, on this topic) ... Then, yesterday, this elderly 'perfect gent' exerciser and 'bad' dog defender, evidently had some sort of breakdown while arguing with one of the pro- R grannies, knocked her down, dragged her around, while screaming and spitting at her, and had to be restrained. Completely bizarre. When I wandered, workout-bound, onto the scene, cops were quizzing the astounded witnesses. They were all way shocked by the barney itself, and by the fact that it was this particular mild bloke who had gone loco.What next?
Otherwise, I've just been gawking at the TV as usual. HOLBY CITY is really wigging out completely. I've become quite the regular follower, just to see how completely demented it can get. It's finishing for good after the next series, and I hope, like EL DORADO, they just go totally of the rails.
The current killer explosion set up by the crazed serial slayer surgeon Cameron saga, is already flabbergasting.
Meanwhile on EASTENDERS the unkillable Phil Mitchell has just taken yet another bad blow to the head, and the place is catching fire as he lies there, insensible.
The new souls at sea thriller, THE NORTH WATER has started off well, although it's probably not going to be in THE TERROR's league. Colin Farrell looks like 'Mister Twitt,' and is obviously enjoying chanelling the horrible, homicidal harpooneer Drax. Kewl.

I dropped in to the  cartoonists' ZOOM meeting, although I was whacked out from the latest mini heatwave, hadn't had dinner, and there was not a sane thought in my head. I produced several pages of utterly mindless, useless scrawl. Boy, I need a psychotherapist.