September 10th, 2021


Noxious Sort Of Day...

It looked like heavy rain was going to strike any minute, so I kept postponing going downstairs...So far, not a drop has fallen, of course.
Then I waited to join the fucking Zoom meeting of the IT class. Couldn't connect. It seems the class never started. Usually, if you don't  'turn up', they ring you. Nope. Don't know what's going on, there. I felt weird and creeped out all day, like yesterday, only at least today, I felt a bit more awake. I keep thinking about 9/11. It's incredibly been 20 years, with the state of the world going from bad to worse.
I got into last night's cartoonists' Zoom session, but, of course, made no contribution, and wasn't even able to sketch during it, apart from a few lame, glum  doodles. Neither my brain nor my drawing hand seems to work any more.
THEN there was a huge hoo-ha with R Next Door. Lily the dawg was attacked by  one of R's most hated canine enimies, Sally, who took a chunk out of her side. She had to be fully sedated to have stitches. There was a fight between the owners, too, of course. R has reported all to the cops. Truly incredible. Thank the gods I wasn't there, as I  would have been dragged into the whole mess. Luckily for R, though, she was with somebody else at the time, who can stand witness for her, that Lily wasn't at fault, as Sally's human insists.