September 5th, 2021


Wandsworth Road Weekend...

Another murky day, getting warmer and more humid. Ugh. I feel very weedy, anyway.
Finally got through THE DEVIL'S THROAT, which wasn't all that great, although it certainly came to a Wham-Bang conclusion. Most disppointingly, there was no WooWoo, although the appearance of a doom-predicting 'Maleva the Gypsy' type gave me a bit of hope. She was totally wasted. Apart from the Bulgarian scenery and the handsome, if wooden, hero, it was largely mediocre. You did learn a bit about the mistreatment of Muslims in those parts, and  there was lots of smoking and casually sexist chat.
DECEIT was a different story,really absorbing and thought-provoking with excellent acting.
During the week, I also re-watched the mystical/matematical/mad PI, to see if I could get any more out of it than I did when it first came out. No, but it's certainly a compelling watch; nice B&W whacky imagery.
THE HUNT FOR A KILLER, which promises to be a solid Scandi procedural based on RL cases, started on BBC4, too. Not bad, so far.