September 3rd, 2021



Just doodling to see if I can still share to FB. Don't think I can, as I've cocked something up. Try Twitter, if you want to see my longer moans, and sloppy sketches.
Listening to a new 'Charles Parris' mystery on R4. I really must get around to marrying Bill Nighy some day. (We nearly collided in Forbidden Planet, once, and 'excused-me'd each other, so we've already 'met cute'...)
R Next Door, having started out 'crying with joy' that thanks to me and Mr IT, she's  getting freeWi-Fi in her flat, is now mumbling that it's 'not consistent' as she wanders around. Well, it's not my fucking problem, OK? Grunt.

Shit On A Stick...

 Just got a 'gentle reminder' from the NHS that I've not yet returned my Bowel Scan sample, which, of course, I'd been putting off. ( I KNOW, quick and simple, but Ewww...)  Finally done, anyway; the highlight of my day, no doubt.