August 3rd, 2021


Dumbass Delivery People, etc...

It's so tedious I'm not even going to rant about it, but I'm spending an absurd amount of time trying to get my order from Pets at Home, due to the foolishness of drivers, the lack of concierges on duty, and stuff, and I am well vexed. Every little thing has to be so complicated, these days. Damn!
It was rather warm and sunny this morning, but now it's getting cool again. It was pretty chilly last night.
This morning, one of the fledglings waddled towards ME, still-red mouth agape, malkng that 'Gimmie some' noise.  The parents stood by watching.
I was thrilled.
I was grunting away on the rowing machine, when this bloke who had been emptying the bins came over and said 'I just wanted to say, if I were your child, I'd be so proud of you.' Thought that was quite nice, although I've no idea what he meant. Maybe he was impressed that despite my advanced decrepitude, I still make an effort to get/ stay as mobile as possible.
Latest Netflix real-life murder series is THE WIDOWER, all about this guy who had six wives and probably bumped off four of them, plus at least one other victim. I've only seen the first episode.
There was a fab documentary on the neglected surrealist Leonora Carrington. I find her particularly fascinating. In addition to her wonderfully spooky work, she had a long, eventful life. It was followed by another surrealism documentary, from The excellent Phillipa Perry. Catch both on iPlayer, while you can.