August 1st, 2021


Loafing And Languishing...

Got my exercising done early, although I was feeling rather sickly, as usual, these days. Seems to be getting a bit chilly, now, too. Enjoyed hanging out with the crows. I think they might find me rather interesting, actually. They stand pretty close to me and stare, with what seems to be curiosity...probably just waiting for the next monkey nut to sail their way, of course.
Not much on TV this week, what with the Olympics, and all. I've been carrying on gawking at TWIN PEAKS, again. There's so much in it, I've noticed a lot of things I missed, years ago. I also enjoyed the silly old religiose epic DEMETRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS. Saw so many films like that when I was a kid. They were sort of the superhero franchises of the day. The bloke playing a colossally camp Caligula, Jay Robinson, was really hilarious. Like Victor Mature and Michael Rennie,
he was carried over from THE ROBE. I was also impressed by the very tall, handsome 'Glycon', Detemetrius' pal, and his gorgeous voice...Turned out he was William Marshall ('Blacula' !)
There was a pretty strange curio as well, THE ROLLING STONES ROCK & ROLL CIRCUS from 1968. Everyone was so young it was frightening. A lot of big time acts took part, like John Lennon with 'Dirty Mac', including Yoko Ono rolling on the floor in a black sack.
I continue to feel extra-depressed. All my ailments are giving me gyp, and I'm haunted by the fear of death, disaster, and senility. Baw yubba!