July 28th, 2021



At long last, it felt pretty fresh, this morning, and I had a decent park workout. It's getting muggy again,alas, and we might have storms this aft, from the look of it.  There actually was flooding around here, the other day, at Clapham Junction, and a few other places, but not in this immediate area, which was just very wet.
The crows seem to be pointing me out to the fledglings as a source of  snacks. One of the teens came over to an adult, yelling to be fed, only to be ignored by the pissed-off parent, who seemed to indicate me, with its head. I flung the young 'un a nut, and he/she warily decided to eat it, as the adult seemed to look on' approvingly'. I'm probably imaging this, but they really are seriously clever. Later, the trainee crow, flew closer to me, and sat waiting until the nut was supplied, so it seemed to have learnt the lesson!
I  used to mock my mother because her only conversation was moaning about the weather, discussing stuff on TV, and gibbering about critters...Now, of course, I'm like that.Karma's a bitch.
I've really enjoyed that six-part Hemingway series on BBC4. When I was 12, or so, I used to like his books, which were the first  modern 'grown-up' literature I could get hold of. He certainly was a shower, though. He was a bully, a drunk, unpleasant to his wives and kids, a braggart/liar, and one of his greatest pleasures seemed to be slaughtering wild animals!  Like everyone, though he was full of contradictions (He really loved cats, and treated them well-). You also have to cut him a bit of slack as he came from crazy, suicidal stock, and what with the many injuries he sustained in his adventures, including about 75 concussions, he was so brain damaged it's amazing he lasted long enough to top himself at 61. What an interesting, dramatic life, though...
I've also watched Murnau's FAUST in its entirety for the first time. I'd only seen poor-quality excerpts before, but his was a very good HD restorations, and quite entertaining.