July 5th, 2021


Nice Morning...

Haven't done much, for a change! Got my exercising done early, and hung out with the crows. No squirrels about, as the workers were mowing the lawns (Cough! sputter! SNEEZE!) Then, I schlepped down with the laundry, and claimed a free coffee At Nero, with my card.
I've been following the latest season of HANDMAID'S Tale, although I think it should have ended after series 2, really. It's harsh as ever, anyway, the actors are good, especially  Elizabeth Moss  as the ever more  furiously intense June.
Netflix has another riveting  'orrible true murder series on, SOPHIE: MURDER IN WEST CORK.  I remember that strange case well. Hard to believe, it's around 25 years ago. It's still unsolved, with the only suspect  free, as he can't be extradited. He seems like a narcissistic git, but you wouldn't take him for a killer.