June 18th, 2021


So, It's Cold Now...

Well, gol dang, now it's suddenly so chilly I'm shivering. Mad ol' weather...
The CARDIFF SINGER OF THE WORLD competition is amazing this year. They're all so good it's hard to imagine what the judges will do.
Otherwise, I've been watching mostly old fillums, as usual. I liked DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMER, adapted from the graphic novel,  and keeping its downbeat charm. I'd seen part of WAKE WOOD before, and caught up with the rest. It's quite a decent little folk horror, with a good cast.
HUSH,HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE, which somehow I'd never seen, was a good laugh, with Bette Davis and Agness Morehead, battling to outcrone each other. I think Bette had it by a hysterical, rasping scream.
That new play, LOCKED DOWN, was pretty corny, IMO, but it seems to have impressed the critics. James McAvoy was good, as usual, but the whole thing just seemed a bit phony to me.