June 10th, 2021


Here Comes Feckin' Summer...

Got out and did my routine early, before the heat set in. It was horribly muggy last night, and the rest of the week looks heat-wavy. Bah.
No Coffee Lovers, alas, but I went to a decent  Portuguese place nearby, that has shady outdoor tables. It just ain't the same, though.
Watched the cheap and downbeat DETOUR, which lacked the artistic pizazz of I WAKE UP SCREAMING, but featured a terrific turn by Ann Savage (never heard of her-) as the toxic Vera. She was NASTY. I also watched yet another Channel Five documentary about the Wests. Endlessly fascinating evil. The poor victims and their families...BUT you just gotta watch. Strange, although he looked like ( and pretty much was-) a gormless yokel, Fred did show those psychokiller ''crazy eyes' in some photos, but no image I've ever seen of Rose, arguably the more monstrously sadistic partner, hints at anything but a rather bovine, totally 'ordinary' type.
I think it's gonna be a sweaty night...