May 11th, 2021


Supermarket Thrill...

Glad to see ASDA has done a 'roll back' on BabyBel Minis. They're back to 2.00. Other shops are asking 2.85!  ( LIDL's  are still £2.00 as well )
I was tempted by discount 'Hula Hoops'  which I've not had in years. They're completely different ,now. The texture isn't like it was. Oh, well, the critters might like them. (I don't like to give them anything so unhealthy, though!)
Dreading having to drag myself to Guy's for a 9:30 appointment tomorrow in the 'Senior Heathcare'  physio department.  Feck. Then, Wednesday, I've got the vaccine. I only have to go to the Oval for that, though, and I'll be very glad to have it.