May 10th, 2021


Hot And Bothered...

Yikes, yesterday was chilly, and overnight it's gone bloody warm! I feel crook, too. Couldn't face working out,but will try later.
Whew, it's official, Khan is still mayor of London. For a bit, there, it looked like that Tory headbanger might sneak in. I reckon that's what happens when people don't bother to vote. Labour is quite frelled, anyway. The whole world seems to be sloping more to the right all the time. Bugger.
The new thriller on BBC4 (at last) BLINDED: THOSE WHO KILL  is pretty interesting, so far, and the murderer is rather attractive!
Later: Still warm and humid, but it's breezy and cloudy now, so I forced myself to get out and exercise. I'm sure it does me some sort of good...
Watched the new PURSUIT OF LOVE series, which was entertaining. I read a lot of Mitford stuff in my teens.
Then I gawked at two SONS OF SAM  episodes. I remember my sister, who has very long, dark hair keeping it  pinned up, as 'Sam' was said to have a penchant for brunettes.