April 29th, 2021


Dull Post...

Kind of a chill manky day yesterday. I was drizzled on a bit, in the park, but it doesn't look as though we'll get the proper rain we need. I think it's possible that this area will have gone a whole month without rain.
I'm continuing to read Lynda Barry's illustrated novel CRUDDY. It's very visceral and creepy, and quite good.
I've taken to watching ancient films on YouTube, including the Spanish version of the 1931 DRACULA. It was very interesting to compare with the Lugosi classic. The ambiance was actually a bit better. The Count was no sillier than Bela, and Renfield, although not quite in Dwight Frye's league, was a riot.
The patched up tooth has fallen out again. I can't stand it! I can't get it worked on seriously until it's three months since the bone-strengthening infusion I had in February. Dag. So a few more Big Gap weeks at least...